Our credentials:

Four decades of precision – in every respect

MANHATTAN has been reliably supplying manufacturing industry with rubber-bonded products for grinding and polishing since 1963. In the first ten years, our business was focused on the USA and Spain but in 1973 we won over our first customers in the German market, which is as important as it is demanding.

Our ambitious aim is to supply our customers with precisely the right solution to every challenge they face in centerless grinding – fast, flexibly and utterly reliably.

That is why we maintain a comprehensive product portfolio that, since 1987, has included not only rubber-bonded regulating wheels but also high-precision grinding wheels bonded with natural rubber or rubber and cork.

We see ourselves not merely as a company that develops outstanding grinding products – expertise, frankness, commitment and precision are equally important components of our portfolio.

That is what we promise you. For more than four decades we have been true to our promise. And that will not change in future.